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Guttering Guards and Hedgehogs Pros and Cons


Gutter Guards and Hedgehogs Pros and Cons

Gutter guards and Hedgehogs Pros and ConsIf you have gutters which can get full easily from twigs, leaves and moss then you may feel that gutter guards or hedgehogs are the perfect solution. Please read on for gutter guards and hedgehogs pros and cons.

A Hedgehog gutter guard is a long bristle brush which is securely attached and sits inside the gutter and should direct falling debris away from your gutters.

As a gutter cleaning company we are frequently asked if gutter guards/hedgehogs are good at keeping gutters clear. Some of our customers ask us to install them whilst others call us to take them away! We have written this blog to help you understand the pros and cons of installing gutter guards.

Before your install gutter guards, seek advice from a professional as not all gutter guards are suitable for all houses. Consider the environment around you, what type of debris falls into your gutter? Is it moss, leaves, pine needles or plants?



  • Keeps large debris out of your gutters
  • Relatively cheap to purchase
  • Easy to install


  • Small debris can still get into your gutter e.g. twigs, moss, pine needles and small leaves which can cause them to be blocked. Clearing gutters with gutter guards is a much more time consuming and costly service.
  • Can become mouldy if not regularly cleaned
  • Debris can get caught in the hedgehog which can cause even bigger problems.
  • Potential for water overflow during heavy rainfall as gutters may not manage it as efficiently.

On the whole, we believe guttering hedgehogs cause more difficulties than they solve, and they need to be cleaned regularly which can be expensive if you can’t access them yourself. If you would like to know if they are suitable for your property or you need them to be removed, please contact us to give you a professional opinion.